London-based construction company

The idea for Neatis hit our founders like a tonne of bricks back in 2006!
Through renovating their own homes, they discovered how difficult it was to hold down a construction project. Battles with unreliable subcontractors, issues with scheduling, late payments, and insurance complications made their beloved projects extremely difficult to manage.
That’s when they decided to do something about it.
Since then, we’ve built a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, plumbers, tilers, and other specialists to deliver our projects with excellence to homeowners. As a team, we value quality, reliability, communication, and consistency, and we continue to provide this for our customers.
Our Services
With us, you get more than just a construction company. We offer a range of construction and renovation services and proudly provide an end-to-end service for all your home improvement needs—from bespoke design right down to the finishing touches. Our light-touch solution gives you the result you desire, without you having to lift a finger.
Our Clients
Our clients know they can expect their projects to be delivered with excellence. We love making our clients’ dreams come true and our primary goal is to achieve no less than the desired result. Because of this, we dedicate time to creating detailed designs, clearly communicating our project timelines, and managing every step of the process.

We are also an Electrical and Gas Safe Accredited Contractor.

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Neatis proudly provides a highly-rated service to all our clients